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One score and seven years ago on a bitter Winter evening, Ezra and Madeleine Bonislav, exhausted from a long voyage across the Atlantic, stepped foot on American soil to begin their new life together.

Ezra was a studious man with an acutely irritating propensity for mathematics and sciences came from a noble family in Warsaw, Poland. His father William "Goodie" Bonislav was the original creator and patent holder of the first plastic hair pick and other personal grooming devices.

Ezra's brother, Grey, went on to bring America London's finest teas. So prolific was his nature, he was the first to introduce the concept of serving teas cold, or "iced" as he referred to them. While the trend never caught on in the United Kingdom, for his contributions to the Queens royal beverage coalition, he was appointed Earl of Teas. (from thus came Earl Grey)

Madeleine was the daughter of Munich's brightest soap making empire, the Hazenfabulpopinziegus Family. Her father, Rudolph, worked relentlessly to build the Hazenfabulpopinziegus Soap empire to it's height until his unfortunate demise in 1892 when he suffered a severe stoke after consuming 13 lbs. of wienerschnitzle.

Madeleine's mother, Connie, was left to raise the children on her own and maintain the Hazenfabulpopinziegus Soap empire. By then, most of the children in the family were old enough to help run the business, with the exception of Manny Hazenfabulpopinziegus, who became a drunkard and a scallywag and was disowned from the family. His whereabouts were never discovered.

In 1904 Ezra and Madeleine met, fell in love, and began a new life together in Egypt. Madeleine studied new soap making techniques while Ezra accompanied many archaeological digs there in on the nearby Isles of Greece. It was not long until Ezra's methods were deemed unorthodox and he was asked to leave Egypt.

Five years later, with only 15 Francs to their name, Madeleine acquired a loan from her sister, Dorathia Hazenfabulpopinziegus, to cover the passage overseas to New York City in the United States of America.

Shortly after their arrival in America, they were blessed with a son, Brian J. Bonislawsky, the new legal name in the states. He was a bright boy, and so fascinated was he by the alphabet, that he pretended to read just so he could stare at the letters in the books of his parents.

He went on to study at the Ivy League Brown University, RISD, and a stint abroad where he earned his doctorate in the typographical sciences. While in England, he was notorious for examining typographic specimens at such length that he developed an acute straining of his left eye and a minor astigmatism.

When word of his condition spread, he was known to his colleagues as One Eye, or "Stiggy" as he'd been jokingly referred. He was not ashamed, but instead honored to be revered throughout Europe as "the" typographic authority.

Upon his return to New York, he began the Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute in Rochester, later relocating to Miami, a more tourist attracting area, dedicated to bringing fantastic typographic specimens to the public. Often Professor Bonislawsky would lead many dangerous typographic expeditions throughout South America and Asia, yielding many exciting and rarely seen specimens.

Professor Bonislawsky now sits on the Institutes board, and can be found giving an occasional tour of the Institute when he's not running the souvenir shop. We invite you to examine each wing of our glorious 265,000 square foot facility and look forward to your enjoyment of our fine quality collection.